Spring is on its way and now is the time to start planning your spring and summer festivities. When planning any party it is important to keep in mind what kind of activities your guests will be doing.  Whether it's arts & crafts, games or a bouncehouses your guests need to stay occupied and having fun while celebrating at your event. You may even consider renting an inflatable. This article will address how you would go about selecting the right inflatable for your event.
    First things first, determine what type of event you are going to have. Is it a backyard birthday party, graduation celebration,  youth group meeting, or adult party? The type of party will determine the age range of guests you will have which will in essence tell you what type of inflatables are appropriate. Most inflatable rentals and suggestions are based off of the age range of your guests. It does not help to have a huge inflatable at a 5 yr old's birthday party because it is too large for small children to use.
    For smaller children between the ages of 4 - 10, a bouncehouse is perfect. Bouncehouses have several advantages over their larger counterparts. A bounce offers a captive bouncing area; meaning, that your little ones will stay within the 10 square foot bouncing area and nowhere else. With larger units such as obstacle courses, there are several parts to the inflatable and adults may not always be able to see their little ones. Larger inflatables also make taking those cute bouncing photos every parents loves to take of their toddler next to impossible.. We know that some parents are looking for a little more than just a plain bouncing area. Combo bounces are a way to keep the inclusive safety of the smaller inflate but also offer more than 1 activity. Most combo bounces come with a slide along the side and basketball hoop inside the bouncing area.
    For the next age range, 11 - 17 we suggest using our line of larger inflatables. Obstacle Courses, Mechanical Bulls, or  Gladiator Jousts are perfect inflates for teenagers. They are larger and can accommodate more people and stress. They also add an element of competition to your event. You can even go as far as to run a tournament and offer a grand prize to the winner. In our experience teenagers love to embarrass each other on the larger, more competitive inflates. The only disadvantage to larger inflatables is the additional space they require. Some of our larger units such as the Ultimate Obstacle Course can be as large as 30 feet wide and 40 feet long. Be sure when renting a large inflate that you have enough room in your party space to accommodate the piece. We suggest keeping a clear distance of 8 feet on each side of the inflate to ensure that your kids can exit and enter without running into each other.

    When planning party activities, adults can be the hardest age group to plan for. Many do not want to go through the vigorous physical exercise that an inflatable demands. Do not worry, we have an entire line of interactives made just for adults. We suggest more intellectually stimulating activities such as our Interactive Gameshow where two teams face off in "Family Feud", "Jeopardy", or a standard trivia show. or  a Mechanical Bull which offers the fun of an inflatable without all the climbing and sliding. Carnival Game Packages make a great adult party item. Your guests can play all the games they remember from the Carnivals of their youth. We offer multiple game packages all which include classic carnival prizes!
    Overall planning a party can be stressful and at times, confusing. It is important to remember that you are not alone. Call our team of professional party planners for a free consultation. Our team will ensure that your party wows your guests and everyone goes home happy. We also offer complete staffing with each of our inflates so you can enjoy the party knowing your little ones are safe in one of our licensed and insured bouncehouses staffed by professionally trained,courteous, and friendly team members. So give us a call today for your free party planning consultation and see what fun we can bring to your next party.



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