Planning a party in Cleveland Ohio can be a daunting task. Whether it is a birthday party, school function, or corporate event; there are 2 elements that are essential to any successful  celebration, entertainment and food. Keeping your guests well fed and busy will ensure that they will be talking about your party for weeks after the event. Our products and services will amaze you and your guests and also keep a few bucks in your wallet. 
    Entertainment is key to a successful event. Your guests want to occupied and have fun while celebrating with you. We suggest one of our Inflatable Rentals or if you would like to be more interactive perhaps our Trivia Show or Photobooth. For the kids, a bouncehouse or Carnival Game Package is perfect. Our Bouncehouses and games will keep your kids occupied and having fun throughout the event. For the adults, a Trivia Show or perhaps some of our DJ equipment will get your party goers moving. Browse our site, we have tons of entertainment options for your party. Better yet, each of our pieces are staffed by professional and friendly staff members who will help enhance the fun of your event.
     Food is another important element for any successful party. If you are not planning on serving a full meal then perhaps some smaller items like Popcorn or Cotton Candy. We offer table top and cart driven machines. These items are perfect for offering your guests a small snack without ruining their appetite. We offer all multiple flavors of Cotton Candy including, Blue Raspberry, Pink Vanilla, Grape, Lime, and many more. We also offer Nachos, Sno Cones, Funnel Cakes, Soft Pretzels, and more. Check out our Fun Foods page for all of our catering option. 

    Planning a party is difficult to say the least. Using a party rental service such as Executive Events & Entertainment will help you plan a complete and fun party without all the stress of trying to tackle it all yourself. While using a party rental service can save you time and money, using an individual party planner may end up costing you more money. Party planners are individual contractors that use party rental companies for the services they offer. Party Planners do not have their own equipment so they usually contract companies like us for the services and sometimes charge upwards to an additional 20% on top of what we charge them. Essentially you are paying a party planner to make phone calls for you and in our opinion, those are some pretty expensive phone calls for you. We suggest you call the party rental service directly. Places like Executive Events & Entertainment offer free party planning advice with the acquisition of their services. So when planning your party,. keep in mind what entertainment you will provide your guests, the food you will serve, and the amount you are spending on the ancillary costs.       



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