Selecting inflates for teenagers can be tricky. They are generally too large for a bouncehouse and usually want a little more entertainment out of their inflate than just bouncing. When selecting an inflate keep in mind the type of interaction that each inflatable offers. There are team-building inflates, competitive inflates, and inflatable rides that are perfect for all teenagers & adults. Check out the following items we have noticed have a high success rate with the teen & adult age range.

The Ultimate Obstacle Course

    An obstacle course is a great team building inflate. Run relay races between two teams and see which is the quickest. The Ultimate Obstacle Course is perfect for people of all ages. An added benefit is that this particular inflatable can be rearranged into a multitude of courses. See an example of this here.

The Joust

    A joust is perfect for adding an element f competition to  any event. With the soft jousting paddles and safety helmets, participants can really go to town on one another. The goal of the joust is to knock your opponent off of the pedestal. The soft inflatable surround cushions any stumble from the pedestal. The joust also provides entertainment for any on-lookers that are hanging around.   

The Mechanical Bull

Inflatable rides, like the joust, offer a lot of entertainment to the on-lookers. Having an inflatable ride at your event will attract more people and have them talking about your event for weeks afterwards. The Mechanical Bull offers multiple difficulty settings so people of all ages can enjoy a ride. Another great inflatable ride is the Robo Surfer. overall choosing the right inflatable for your age group and party type is important. It will keep people at your party and creates a memorable experience for your family, friends, or co-workers.



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