Planning a party and stuck on what theme you will have? Choosing a theme can be a difficult task. You have to consider the age of the part goers, the specific tastes of the person the party is for, and the amount of space you have to work with. Finding props to fit your theme can have you running in circles if you do not know whom to call. This blog post will help you in making a decision on theme and how you can use props to accentuate your chosen theme. 
    The age of the party goers is essential when considering a theme. In our experiences people above the age of 20 prefer more complex themes with more interactive props. Some common themes for adults are pirates, Western, Alice in Wonderland, or Cityscape. Children's parties are much less complex. Common themes for children are character parties (such a Harry Potter), tropical/beach, or Carnivale.
    Taste is another important factor. If you are throwing a birthday or anniversary party if is important not to neglect the specific likes of the person the party is for. It is also key to keep in mind that mixing themes does not always work. Having a pirate and tropical themed party works but having a tropical harry potter party does not. Remember, you want your guests to immediately pick up on what theme you are portraying.
    Space is another essential factor to any prop ridden themed party. You have to maintain a subtle balance between having enough props so that your theme is easily recognizable and not having so many props that they become intrusive to your guests. This is an area in which a party rental company can help you. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we offer free party planning services which includes helping you decide how to use your party space efficiently and we will even help you select what props fit your theme best. We also install each prop at your party location. Browse our props page to see what themes and props we offer. 
Tropical and Pirate Props
Western Jail Cell
Rock n Roll

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