Creating buzz about your Cleveland area party is essential to the success of your event. Generating buzz will ensure that more people attend your event and you make the most money/donations as possible. You may be asking, how can I generate buzz about my event? Easy!, there are several ways to generate buzz. You can, offer a press release to local media, use social media platforms such as facebook and twitter, and you can tweak your party entrance to draw in more of the passerby crowd. 

Local Cleveland Media

Reaching out to local media to make an announcement about your event is a way to generate more buzz and attendance. Think of the exposure your local news stations have and how that exposure can help you. Although you cannot pay to have them make an announcement; if your events is catchy enough they may decide to feature it. Other local media sources include, online blogs, newspapers, and town announcements.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are essential to promoting your event. Start months in advance and post your event details everyday. It also helps to post updates in the party planning process. Keep your followers interesting in attending your event from day 1. Facebook and Twitter also offer paid promoting services which can help you promote for little expense. It also helps to invite as many people as possible to like your event page.

Entering a Party in Cleveland

Having an attractive entrance to your party is key to keeping people at your event. Try using a sky dancer (featured left) or an archway. Distinguishing your event entrance will keep your party goers going the right direction as well as bring in any on lookers. Try constructing an entrance that matched your theme by using props and digital graphics.



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