Using enhanced or altered photos is a common practice in the Cleveland Party Rental game. Companies will take photos of their products or items for rent and "doctor" them using Photo programs like Adobe Photoshop & Microsoft Photo Editor. The intended goal is to fool you, the customer, into thinking you are getting a great looking rental item when they may be delivering something that looks like it has been around the block a few times. Check out the examples below and I will show you how these photos were altered. 

The Perfect Slip N Slide Photo

    Check out the two Slip N Slide photos below. We obtained these from a competitor's website who will remain nameless for the sake of not being "tattle tells".. We like to use this as an example of how changing the background of your photo can make a world of difference in how your rental item, in this case an inflatable, can look. 
    Use your computer zoom feature to look closely at the edges of the inflatable. Notice that they do not seem to blend with the rest of the photo? That is because the inflatable was cut out using the "Magnetic Lasso" tool in a photo editor and placed onto the photo of the wonderful greens keeping. Not to mention the lighting that appears to be hitting the inflatable in the picture to the left does not match the ambient lighting of the background.

Not Convinced?

Check out the two photos below. The one on the left is the original and the one on the right is the image we altered. 
This is the Original Photo.
Notice the gloomy sky?
Altered Image
Gloomy to Blue skies!


    With a little photo magic you can change a photo with a gloomy sky to a much more pleasant one. The process for doing this is quite simple. We cut out the inflatable and place it onto a sky background.  Presto Chango, Photo Magic!. So don't be fooled, use a rental company that uses actual photos of their items. Be sure you can see what you are getting! If the company uses enhanced or altered photos; look to see if they have "recent event" photos that will show you what the rental items look like in real life. 


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