Planning on a bouncehouse or other inflatable rental for your next party? When renting an inflate, the company you use is very important. There are laws that each company must follow that the customer may not be aware of. The following article will explain the inflatable rental laws in Ohio and how you can make the right decision on using the right company for your party. 

Ohio Inflate Law

    Each inflatable rental piece in Ohio must be inspected and licensed yearly.  The law reads "An amusement ride or device, aquatic device, or a combination of devices that carries or conveys passengers on, along, around, over, or through a fixed restricted course within a defined area for the purpose of giving its passengers amusement pleasure, or excitement. "Amusement Ride" includes carnival rides, bungee jumping, inflatable rides, climbing walls and fair rides." Check out the ODA website here. This means that every party rental company must make sure the state department of agriculture inspects each of their pieces once per year. If the unit passes inspection, then a license card and metal placard are issued and the piece is deemed safe to use for the next year.


    You may be asking yourself, "why should I worry about whether or not the bouncehouse company is licensed? That is their problem right?" The answer is "Yes" you should worry about the licensing of the company you use. Whether you are on private property or not each company is required to send a schedule to the Department of Agriculture every week outlining what events are coming up. A state inspector can show up at any of these events to ensure the bouncehouses company's compliance with licensing law. If the given company is not in compliance, the inflatable will be shut down and will no longer be allowed to be in use. This means that an inspector can come into your backyard and conduct an inspection of the inflate you are renting. This may seem intrusive but be assured that this is done and the laws are setup to ensure that every safety standard is met. 

What to Look For

How can you tell if the company you are using is following all the safety standards? There are several things to look for. When the company operates or drops off the equipment, a good company will require you to fill out a training log and will present you with a booklet which contains all the safety rules and registration information. There should be a booklet for each piece. With due diligence you can make sure that your party rental items are safe and fun! Be sure to do research on any company you do business with and ensure that their inflates are licensed and insured.



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