Getting your guests to participate in your planned party activities can be difficult.  It may be beneficial to offer an incentive for participation. Another good way to drum up more party activity is to create a competition. But you may be asking, How do I create competitions or what kind of incentive should I offer my guests? Look no further, we are here to assuage your party worries. This short article will explain two different ways to get your guests out of their seats and into the activities area.


Giving your guests an incentive for participation always works. Once people realize they can get free items for having fun, they will swarm to your activities like bees to sugar.  Try giving out prizes or redeemable tickets. Most Cleveland Party Rental Companies offer Carnival Game packages with prizes. The benefit to you, is that carnival prizes such as spider rings, yoyos, and small stuffed animals are relatively inexpensive so you see savings while your guests get to take home a few cool party favors. Have each of your activities hand out prizes to the winners. It will stimulate more participation because let's face it, everyone loves free stuff and bragging rights.


Creating competition at your party will keep people interested in your activities. With competition comes, rivalry, jeering, and team building. Use obstacle courses or two players carnival games to keep the air of competition alive at your party. Competitions also stimulate your guests into interacting with one another thus causing them to stay at your event longer. This is beneficial if you are running a corporate team building event or a fundraiser. The goal is to keep your guests at the celebration as long as possible. So you ask, what does it all mean? Use competitions and incentives to get people to stay and participate in your activities. They more interaction your guests have, the more likely they are to remember your event and look forward to your next.

By: Andrew Kramer



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