There are many reasons to have a photobooth at your event. Whether you are having a wedding, anniversary, graduation party, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah creating  a memento is a must. A photobooth is a great way for your guests to create a lasting memory. It will also create an interactive way to get your guests to talk to one another. When renting a photobooth for your Cleveland party you may ask, how do I know I am getting a good deal?

First things first, ask questions. Is your photobooth a booth or a self standing kiosk. Your guests may prefer a booth for the privacy it offers. Privacy allows your guests to act cooky while taking their photos. Another good thing to check is whether or not your photos can be customized. Some photobooths will allow you to slightly alter the image and add a pop art feel or allow you to take black & white photos. In some booths, you can even put your own custom artwork at the bottom of the photo strip (see photo to the right).  You should also ask if your photobooth allows for social media sharing. Some photobooths will let you post your photos directly to Facebook and Twitter!  

Overall choosing the right photobooth is important if you want create lasting memories with your guests. They will get the memento of a customized photo strip and you will get the satisfaction of knowing you pulled off a successful celebration. Remember to choose a booth that is interactive (including touchscreens), has customizing abilities (add your own logo or photo), and that your guests photos can be posted to their favorite social media engine. Check out the Photobooth we feature, it includes everything mentioned in this article and more; including an interface customized to the theme of your event and wacky props for your guests to use in their photos.  

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