Every one and awhile we come across a rental that presents a unique challenge. Since we on the 3E-Team refuse to let any rental beat us into submission, this time we hit the drawing boards. So before we dive into the inner workings of our research and development department; lets go back to the beginning of this little adventure.

The Pop Art Booth

PictureTouchcreen Monitor Steel Mount
To start at the beginning, we received a call from a client requesting a pop art photo booth. Of course we were happy to oblige. Although we had not yet had a pop art feature we searched far and wide and found an awesome program that  achieves the effect  we are looking for. The only problem was that in order for the effect to work correctly we had to build a custom mount for the touchscreen monitor.  

The mount is constructed out of steel rods that bolt together and are collapsible for easy storage. It us used to balance the touchscreen monitor so that we can create a booth that is completely private for the customer. Nobody likes seeing a bunch of bulky cords and computers when trying ti take wacky photobooth photos. We first built the mount out of steel and then painted it flat black so that it matches the booth's tent.. The mount hooks right onto the upper support bars of the tent and actually works to strengthen the structural integrity of the tent as well!
to Finish

Whats the Point?

The point is not to be afraid. When a job comes along that requires a little ingenuity; take it head on. Research and development can not take place if you are too hesitant to try and reach for the sky. Sometimes, like this time, it works perfectly, even though our R&D department claims it is all skill. Sometimes if fails but with all failure comes knowledge of what not to do next time. So innovate and create, it can only help your business.


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