Here at Executive Events & Entertainment going green is very important. We try to find any way possible to Reduce, Recycle, & Reuse. In today's environment is it important to reduce your carbon foot print in any way possible. This article goes over some of the ways we have found that help us remove our waste and help mother nature all at once. Perhaps you will see something that you can implement in your home or business. 

Feel The Heat

    A good way to reduce your carbon footprint and your utility bills is using a wood burning heating system. We heat our warehouse with wood and it is efficient and cost effective. (Featured to the right is owner Eric Ruedrich stoking the fire) During the fall and spring many neighborhoods will start grooming their trees. They will cut down the dead tress and trim the still living ones. This is a great way to obtain free wood for your wood burning furnace. Be sure to stockpile your wood and you will have no heating issues throughout the winter months. You can even take the leftover wood ash and sprinkle it in your garden for an additional fertilizer boost.

Scrap, Scrap, and More Scrap

Scraping can be a great way to get rid of your waste and make a few dollars on the side. We take all of our metal scrap and sell if to a recycling yard which in turn recycles it into new materials. Iron waste from building projects, leftover building materials, and even aluminum cans are taken to the scrap yard. This reduces the on site garbage and our carbon footprint all at once!

Be Creative

    Even if your workplace does not recycle; you can find creative ways to go green at your job. Try convincing your employers to recycle their metal scrap or to try using recycled paper products in the rest rooms. Going green is important in today's economy. Consumers like seeing companies who care about the environment like they do. Plus, keeping the world unpolluted is a situation in which everyone wins.  


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