Marketing is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects to running a party rental company. Coming up with new and unique ways to put your business info out there is key to drawing in new clientele. This article addresses 3 methods you can use to market your business without breaking the bank on advertising.

Magnets.....Something that Sticks

Wrapping your car or delivery vehicle in HD graphics can be super expensive, Average cost to wrap a sedan is $1500.00 and up to $3000.00 for a van or trailer. A less expensive alternative is to create custom magnets to place on the vehicle or trailer. A magnet is a fraction of the cost and in some cases will give you more creative control over what information is presented. Magnets have an additional benefit of not being permanent. If you are a small business owner and use your vehicle for tasks outside of your business, it may be beneficial to have a removable graphic for your vehicle. A magnet meets that need precisely.  

Email...Email....and Email Again

Internet marketing is key. It is estimated that 3 out of every 5 people in the U.S have an email address. Using services like Constant Contact or Mailchimp can help you stay in touch with current customers and even generate some new ones. There are plenty of services that will sell email marketing lists. Be sure to choose and obtain marketing lists which will help you reach your target demographic. Sent out a weekly or monthly digital flyer with special promotions or offers. This will ensure that your customers stay interested in your product or service.  


Brand everything! Having your name and logo on all of your equipment is key. Customers need to be able to instantly recognize who you are and find your contact information. Branding on your equipment, vehicles, & websites will keep your business recognized and relevant. You may even pull in some "off the street" business from people seeing your delivery vehicles. So make sure your brand is eye catching and presents your contact info clearly. 

Marketing does not need to break your bank. If you are willing to put the time in and do a little research, you an find plenty of free or inexpensive ways to promote your logo and business. Only you can get your business information out there. It takes time, effort, and perseverance but in the end any marketing is good marketing. 


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