The "Carny" is a staple character at any county fair in North America. The word carnival, from which carny derives, originates from early Christianity. Carnival means, merry making before lent (Wikipedia sourced). Carnival began to be widely used by 1549 primarily in European countries. Now that we know the source of the word carnival, we can move on to the modern era and the birth of the carny.  

    The word Carny is an American invention. It was coined in the early 1930s during the height of the traveling Carnival & Circus era. Be careful not to confuse the carny with the roustabout. A roustabout is a circus worker, usually one that puts up the big top and loads/unloads the train, Carnies work specifically fairs and carnivals. 

A Modern Twist

    Today carnies are reserved to the people the heckle you at the county fair, mainly game operators. Over the years the carny has gained a rather unsavory reputation as being rude and unkempt.  In some instances they demeanor of the carny can take away from the fun of the games. There is hope! Today there are companies like Executive Events & Entertainment that offer complete carnival fun without the creepy carnival folk.   

Check It Out!

    Carnival games can now be rented and brought to you. Check out these carnival game packages and pages. Every game featured can be delivered to you and even operated by clean, friendly, and professional staff. The benefit of "renting" a carnival is that you can customize the type of games you feature. Whether it is classic games, arcade games, or video gaming, the options are endless. You can even purchase prizes to accompany your games. So Check It Out!


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