Producing an awesome party can be difficult. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we try to leave every customer with a smile on their face. Sometimes keeping customers happy requires quite a bit of innovation on our part. While this may seem intimidating, we embrace it and use the stress to create some pretty awesome party items. This article shows you some of the cool items we have created over the last year. Each of these items was planned out and produced in house, We take quite a bit of pride in our work.   
    Our Life-sized Operation game is a continual source of pride for us. We custom designed the artwork after the original game board, with our own wacky additions. We hand build and painted the game and even formed the game pieces by hand using high density plastic. Every inch of this game shows our skill and love for what we do.  

    Keeping with the theme of life sized items; our next product is our life sized chess pieces. These game pieces are hand made out of high density foam. They are lightweight so anyone can move them and offer an awesome life sized gaming experience. Check it out and hold your own backyard chess tournament today!   

    Sometimes innovation requires us to think outside the box.. In some cases we have to produce items that are not directly for but enhance one of our existing items. Featured here is a touchscreen monitor mount that we custom built in order to stabilize our new Photobooth. The mount was made from recycled steel beams so we are producing custom made items and keeping environmentally friendly at the same time.  

The above custom made items are not the only items we have produced. We have also built, Life Sized Guitars, Robotic Surfboards, & Gameshows. We believe in innovation at 3E and using it to create memorable parties which wow and amaze the party goers. We will not stop innovating and creating new items as long a there is a need for unique and interesting parties.   


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