Plush is a great way to offer impressive prizes with your game without draining your wallet. Everyone remembers going to the carnival as a kid. You may also remember the crummy prizes that would be given out after spending $20 at the stand. When you plan your own carnival, you control the quality of prizes given out. ? Remember no one will want to keep playing your games if the prizes are unappealing

Prizes the Easy Way

    You may be asking yourself, how can I add good quality prizes without spending my life savings. Stuffed animals are a great prize to hand out at any carnival. Obtaining a stuffed animal is the inevitable goal of any carnival game. Many companies will offer different sizes and pricing for their stuffed animals so you can choose which ones will fit your budget.

Size Matters!

When choosing your plush remember that size matters. People will want to play your games more if the prize they expect to get is a large stuffed animal. People get a  sense of accomplishment from winning a large prize. So when pricing your plush make sure to get the largest size for the most economical price. Another good prize selecting technique is having several sizes of prize per game. Some carnival games will have a first, second, and third place (a.k.a. consolation) winners slot. This means that you will need 3 separate prizes to hand out for that game. You can do this easily by grading the stuffed animals you choose. Have small sized animals as the consolation prizes, medium sized animals for second place, and large sized animals for the first place winner.  

Steps to a Successful Prize Selection.

When planning a carnival you can greatly increase your chances for success by following these simple steps.

1.  Pick interesting games that will keep your guests engaged
2. Have interesting and multiple prizes per game.
3. Pick relevant and popular stuffed animals. 


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