Great News, last night was the maiden voyage of our pop art photobooth. It has been a long and arduous journey creating and building the pop art photobooth but it was a complete success. We brought our booth for an (undisclosed client) celebrating an event by Verizon Wireless called the Winner's Circle. What's the Winner's Circle you ask? It is the group of top selling agents at Verizon for the whole nation.      
Our Photobooth!
After a brief setup we were ready to start rocking out some awesome photobooth strips. We even put the custom Verizon Wireless logo on the strip. The guests used the booth non-stop from the moment we turned the equipment on. Even though it was a black tie event, people still loved using the wacky props for even wackier  photo poses. Our custom monitor and camera mount we produced worked flawlessly and added an element of style to the already stylish booth. Featured to the left is a shot of the interactive touchscreen in our awesome photobooth. 

Speaking of style, we also brought a whole collection of props including hats, oversized sunglasses, boas, and tiaras. Although this was a black tie event, people still broke from being formal and grabbed some props for their photos. We even had a group of six people all grab props and tried to all the squeeze in the booth. It was funny but produced an even funnier photo.  

PictureVerizon Wireless Party Guests
Overall it was a great event. The people from Verizon Wireless were fun and super friendly. That is something we here at 3E love to see, smiling faces when using our equipment.  Although we had difficulty finding parking we still set up and took over 100 photos and we even decided to stay and interact with the part goers, helping them choose which photobooth feature they wanted for their photostrip. We are currently offering Color, Black & White, Comic Book Style, Pop Art, and Fonomatic! With so many photo features, people kept coming back to take new photos with new effects.



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