Relating to our post from the other day, "Going Green in Cleveland" we decided to shed light on an old carnival game getting a new resurgence of use. The game Break A Plate has been used at various sized carnivals since the late 1800s. The plates used to made of an easily breakable "Milk Glass".  The goal of the game was to see how many plates you can shatter with the balls you are given. The game fell out of use due to the risk of injury from small flying shards of glass. Now, the game is gaining new popularity as a private rental game. What we would like to point out is the blatant waste and environmental damage this game causes

A New Threat

    You may be asking, what is the big deal about the Break A Plate game? The game itself is great. It is fun and allows the contestant to blow off some steam. The issues lies in the plates that are used today. The plates available today are made from a light weight plastic that is designed to break cleanly. While this eliminates the possibility of any flying shard injury; the plates are non-recyclable. Every plate used will go into a landfill where it will take generations to degrade. This is why we do not offer the break a plate game with any of our carnival packages.

More Waste.....

Many parties feature helium balloons but did you know that helium much like oil is a non renewable resource. That means, once all the helium is gone, it is gone forever. Helium is used for many more purposes than the colorful balloon you are used to. Helium is used in hospitals, manufacturing, and medical research facilities. So next time you want to include balloons with a gift or party, consider blowing them up with normal air. They wont be as buoyant but they will be environmentally friendly!


To bring it all full circle, it is important to have fun responsibly and not damage the environment while doing so. Choose games which have biodegradable parts such as a balloon dart. The balloon dart allows you to break an object (i.e the balloon with the dart) and maintain an environmentally safe stance. Avoid games that are wasteful such as the break a plate. You may be asking are there any other ways I can make my party more environmentally friendly? YES!, try using recyclable party supplies like plates and napkins, make sure to hire an bio-friendly party rental company, and avoid having to use non renewable resources like helium.  


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