Childhood obesity is an ever growing problem in the United States. According to a report published in February 2014 by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, childhood obesity has increased over 12% in the last 50 years. Children ages 6 to 17 spend over six hours a day watching television in the summertime. How can we combat against childhood weight gain and sloth? With a bouncehouse of course!

     Inflatable rentals are a perfect way to get your kids off the couch and out into the fresh air to burn some calories. Another benefit of renting an inflatable (bouncehouses, obstacle courses, mechanical bulls, and more) is that it will stimulate interaction with your neighbors. You kids will make new friends and according to the CDC study, children are much more willing to participate in outdoor activities if peers are involved.

    So try renting a bouncehouse, obstacle course, or dunk tank and see what fun they can bring to your neighborhood. You too, can become one of the "cool" parents and have the entire neighborhood buzzing about your parties. Or try hosting a block party and get everyone involved in the party planning process. It will build community ties and help keep your kids fit and healthy. 


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