The fun never ends for the party rental business. While everyone else is closing up for the day, we are just getting going. Some of the most exciting and fun events happen at night. These events include, Afterproms, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and holiday parties. Check out the article below for a brief overview of the events that have us working till the sun comes up.

Afterprom Rentals

    Afterproms are planned celebrations (usually put on by the PTO) that allow students to unwind after the formality of prom. proms can run into the early hours of the morning. The afterprom hours are usually range from 12:00am-5:00am Prom came into existence in the late 1880's. At their inception, proms were originally meant as a social function for college students and was limited to college campuses. The first prom is thought to have taken place at Amherst College in Ohio. During the 1970's afterproms came into vogue. Originally meant to be a dinner after the prom dance; they have evolved into extensions of prom with food, awesome inflatable activities, and much much more... Afterproms have become an excellent way to ensure that the students have a safe and fun supervised evening.  

Wedding Rentals

    Weddings can be another late night celebration. While most people get married during the day, there are those times when an awesome wedding is produced during the evening. After the wedding comes the reception which has the potential to end late at night. Weddings can be a lot of work planning and producing but the results are definitely worth it regardless of what time your celebration takes place. 

Bar Mitzvah Rentals

    Another events which can span into the early hours of the morning are the Mitzvahs. A Mitzvah is a religious celebration marking the transition of a child into an adult. While this is an event marking adulthood, it is still quite common to have inflatables and other party rental items available for the kids. Mitzvahs are all about rites of passage and fun. The formality is taken care of in the temple, and the rest is up to us! 

The above mentioned events are not the only late night celebrations out there. Pretty much in our experience, if you can create an excuse, you can have a late night party. Just remember Fun never sleeps and neither does the party rental business. We are open all day, everyday and are ready to bring a party to whenever you happen to be.


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