Summer is coming on fast. Now is the time to reserve a Dunk Tank for your summer parties. You may be asking, why reserve so early? Dunk tanks are one of the most popular items for any Cleveland area party rental company. Most of the time, dunk tanks are reserved up to 3 months ahead of the scheduled event date. Before you make your dunk tank reservation, be sure to keep in mind the following.
     Dunk tanks hold a lot of water (some up to 500 gallons). It takes any where from 1 . 5 to 2 . 5 hours to fill completely (this varies widely based on the available water pressure). Make sure to schedule enough time to have your tank filled before the event starts. You must provide the water. No rental company provides water for a dunk tank. Let's face it that is a lot of water to move around. Don't worry about the water bill, the tank only needs to be filled once. Plus, it costs under $10.00 in water to fill the tank completely. It is important to remember that once a tank is filled; it cannot be moved.

Looking for a Green Alternative?

     You may be thinking that a dunk tank may be a waste of water. Take heart, we have a green alternative. Try one of our Big Kahuna Splash games. This game provides all the fun of a dunk tank but uses only a fraction of the water a normal tank does. The concept is the same, throw a ball at the colorful target and watch the bucket of water dump on your friends. The bucket automatically refills after each use. All you need is a garden hose.

    Dunk tanks are fun and can be a good way to draw people into your event. Whether you choose a full tank or one of our greener alternatives, your guests will enjoy the opportunity to beat the summer heat and cool off. Plus, everyone loves seeing their friends get dunked or have a bucket of water poured over their head.


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