Search Engine Optimization can be a frustrating task. SEO techniques vary depending on whether you are a private website owner or a company trying to promote a product or service. In any sense trying to get those top spots on google can have you tearing your hair out.

So, Why Google?

You may be asking why Google? Well, google owns 85% of the online search market. So you can target the other 15% which consists of Bing, Yahoo, and about 3,000 other search engines. You can easily target that 15% and be quite successful but you will be reaching only a small fraction of the "internet public". Not to mention most of these search engines use google's parameters when ranking sites within their own system. So targeting google will in essence be targeting the rest of the search engines as well.

So What are google's parameters? Anybody's guess is good. Google will not divulge the specifics on how they rank websites. All they will tell you is to have well thought out, content rich websites (meaning lots of photos and text and continual updating of your site). Another thing that google looks for is backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinked text or a URL on another site that links back to yours. Google views these as votes for your site. So start backlink building. Overall SEO google's way can be very frustrating but if you keep at it, and put some care and effort into your site. You will eventually see your ranking increase.


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