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When planning a party many people come across a need for supplies other than the entertainment like prizes. Prizes can be an expensive endeavor but there are ways to save yourself some money. Carnival prizes can range from small spider rings and Chinese fingertraps to large stuffed animals and high quality toys. There are companies out there that specialize in prizes like Rhode Island Novelties or Oriental Trading but are they really giving you the deals they claim to?    

Bulk Savings?

spider rings
Larger prize companies will claim that by purchasing in bulk you are saving money but how many parties do you throw that require 144 fingertraps to be given away? The problem with larger prize companies is that if you are not purchasing in bulk, you spending more money per item. Smaller prize vendors like Executive Events & Entertainment extend their bulk savings to any order for any amount. Smaller vendors will purchase in bulk but extend that bulk savings cost directly to the customer so you end up paying less per item than you would with a larger company like Oriental Trading.

Local Deliveries

Large prize vendors require that you order the prizes and have them shipped. But what if you want them delivered directly to the party location? Smaller vendors like 3E will deliver the prizes directly to you. There is no need to track packages, wait on the mail person, or try and haul the prizes to the party location yourself. Another benefit is that you will always get what you ordered from 3E. There are occasions when the larger companies will be out of stock and will fail to inform you, they will just ship what they have and put the rest on back-order. A smaller vendor will always reserve your items for you and inform you immediately if an item is out of stock and cannot be obtained before your party date.

Whether you are planning a birthday party or wedding getting the right prizes can make the difference between a successful party and an utter disaster. Make sure you use a local prize vendor that can provide you with excellent choices and personalized service and advice that cannot be matched by larger prize companies. In fact anything you can get from a larger prize vendor like Rhode Island Novelties you can get more efficiently and with less cost at a local vendor like Executive Events & Entertainment 


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