In recent news, on Monday May 12, 2014 three kindergarten children were seriously injured after a Bouncehouse they were playing was pulled up into the air over their apartment complex in South Glen Falls, NY. The children fell from about 15 feet in the air and suffered 2 broken arms, a broken jaw, and some other bumps and bruises. The question that remains after this tragic turn of events is, "who is responsible?" and "Are bouncehouses normally this dangerous?"  The original article can be found HERE.  

Be Informed

Be informed! Bouncehouses whether tethered to the ground or not are unsafe to operate in winds exceeding 20 miles per hour. Winds over 20 mph are capable of pulling the stakes right out of the ground. In Ohio, we are legally bound to check the weather before any event and cancel if winds exceed the legal limit. This is done to prevent any situation like the one mentioned above from happening. We are also legally required to inspect each inflatable before every rental to ensure that all anchor points are attached and that the unit is safe and ready for us.

How Can You Prevent This?

Be Prepared. The reason those children were injured this time was because they were operating the Bouncehouse in unsafe conditions. Another compounding factor is that this was a privately purchased "Little Tykes" Bouncehouse. While companies now offer small cheap bouncehouses available for private purchase; those bouncehouses are made out of a less durable and more lightweight material that closely resembles the material used to make ship sails.   

Call in the Professionals!

One excellent way to avoid any chance of your bouncehouse rental going awry is to use a reputable party rental company. These companies carry commercial grade bouncehouses which are less likely to be affected negatively by the wind. Often, a professional bouncehouse company will use sandbags to anchor the inflate which eliminates any chance of it taking off. Overall injuries like the ones seen in this article are entirely unnecessary. Use a professional company that uses high quality bouncers and carries the right insurance in case anything does go wrong.  



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