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 Today we brought the kids at Franklin D Roosevelt Elementary in Cleveland, OH an awesome Carnival with prizes & an inflatable Obstacle Course. We also brought sno cones and cotton candy to complete the Carnival. Check out the photos below. Ever consider throwing a carnival yourself? Check out this step by step guide to planning the best and most cost efficient Carnival for your party guests.   

Picking the Games

stand itThis is Stand It. It may look simplistic but in fact is one of the hardest Carnival Games ever made.
First step is to contact a reputable party rental company like Executive Events & Entertainment. Next step is to pick the Carnival games. When picking games keep in mind two things. How big that games are and the space they require to operate safely (usually leaving yourself a 10ft by 10ft area for each game is adequate). Also keep in mind the age range of your guests. You do not want to choose games that are too hard or too easy for your age group. Pick interactive games that involve skill. These kind of games will keep your guests coming back to play again.

Don't Forget to Feed Your Guests

 A Carnival is not complete without some fun foods. Add some popcorn, funnel cakes, cotton candy, or soft pretzels to your Carnival. Having small handheld foods will keep your guests satiated and interested in playing the games. Having some fun foods also affords the people who don not want to participate in the games an alternative activity to enjoy. Check out our fun food options HERE.



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