Having a birthday party or other special occasion? Ever consider hiring some professional entertainment? You may be thinking what is so special about a clown? (a.k.a balloon twister) Clowns are a great way to entertain your guests. Most clowns or balloon twisters come with more skills besides balloon bending. Many clowns are also magicians, comedians, and actors so they can offer your party much more than simple children's entertainment.

How to Choose?

You may be asking, how do I know if I am choosing the right entertainer for my occasion? There are three factors which can make or break any balloon twister. The variety of balloon animals they can produce, affability with your guests, and cost all play a significant role in an entertainer rental. You want you entertainer to be able to wow your guests and keep them busy with fun activities. 

Are There Other options?

Looking for something a little different from a clown/balloon twister. We also offer a whole variety of entertainer options. We at 3E currently offer. Balloon Twisters, facepainters, magicians, mad scientists, fairy godmothers, character impersonators, celebrity impersonators, and much more. So, before renting an entertainer make sure you are getting a comparable price, choosing the right entertainers for your party goers, and getting an entertainer who believes in a quality show like we do!



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