Planning a wedding can be stressful, daunting, and above all else expensive. There are a ton of factors that must be considered from the wedding venue to the color of table cloths used. Through all the hustle and bustle is there really anyway you can save yourself some money? Take heart! there are a few techniques you can use to save yourself thousands when it comes time to pay the bill.

The Venue

PictureThis in an wedding in one of Cleveland's beautiful metroparks.
You may be tempted to go with an all in one venue. There are plenty out there but what you may not realize at first is that these venues often offer a low rental price on the room but premium charges on everything else from the food to the interior lighting. Using an all in one venue can often run you into the thousands of dollars. Try using a smaller venue like a park. The Cleveland Metropark system offers a variety of indoor and outdoor venues perfect for weddings. There are beautiful outdoor gazebos and large indoor lodges. The metropark system charges anywhere from $200-$700 for the space rental. Be sure to research all the available venues.    

Catering Woes

PictureFunnel Cakes served at a wedding
Catering can often be complicated. You have to choose between single plates or buffet style, what food to serve (taking into account any potential allergies), and how to seat your guests with enough space to have activities or a dance floor. You can save a lot of time and stress by contracting a rental company to provide small food items like pretzels, popcorn, smoothies, and small dessert items. Give your guests a handheld snacking option instead of a formal dinner. This will feed your guests and save you tons of money. 


Finding the appropriate activities for your wedding can depend on several factors., the age of your guests, the space you have to work with, and of course your budget. You can shave a few dollars off your wedding costs by using a party rental company. In fact the same company that can provide you with the handheld food items. Party rental companies offer photobooths with custom headers (perfect for weddings), interactive gaming equipment (like the nintendo wii and the playstation 3 etc.), and a whole host of carnival games that can be catered to your wedding's theme.    

Overall finding a small venue and using a party rental company can save you a lot of money when it comes to time to pay your wedding tab. Certain Cleveland area party rental companies can provide you with wedding activities, cheaper food options, and even props which can help enhance your wedding's theme. So do the research and do not let yourself get overwhelmed by planning a wedding or taken advantage of financially by a venue that tries to sell you on services with bloated pricing.


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