Are you considering purchasing a Bouncehouse for your kids? Before rushing to Sam's Club or another major retailer carrying "Bouncehouses" there are several things you should take into consideration. Is the bouncehouse they are offering made of durable material? Does it come with any warranties? How safe are the residential bouncers? All these questions should weigh heavily on your decision on whether or not to purchase your own bouncehouse. The following article discusses the differences between residential and commercial bouncehouses and what to look for if you do choose to purchase over renting a bouncehouse.


commerical bouncerCommercial Grade PVC Vinyl Bouncehouse Dimensions: 15ft by 15ft by 15ft
      What is your Bouncehouse made of? A good question, bouncehouses can be made from two separate materials, Oxford Cloth Fabric and PVC vinyl. Residential bouncehouses are made of the Oxford fabric which is a one time use fabric. This means that it cannot be mended or repaired once it is torn. Oxford fabric is a lightweight material used for sails and windbreaker jackets and is not meant to be exposed to the elements for too long. On the other hand, Commercial bouncer is made of PVC vinyl which is a durable, stain resistant material that can be repaired and it very similar to the material used to make your backyard grill cover. PVC vinyl also has the added benefit of being recyclable.   


flimsy bouncehouseBouncer made of Flimsy Oxford Cloth. Note the small plastic stakes used for anchoring.
    Cost is a major factor that most people use when considering what bouncehouse to buy. Commercial bouncers can cost up to $2,000 new. A residential bouncer usually runs around $400.00. Although that is a big difference in cost, a commercial bouncer tends to be more expensive due to the high quality of material being used and warranties offered. Residential bouncers whereas cheaper do not offer any type of lasting warranty due to the easy wear and tear which the material may show after only a season or two of use.


    Another stated reason people avoid buying commercial bouncers is safety. Safety should be the exact reason why you buy a commercial bouncer! In 8 out of 10 instances where an injury occurred or a bouncehouse soared into the air, the suspect bouncer was a residential one. The residential bouncers are made to only withstand winds up to 15mph and are constructed with flimsy plastic stakes for anchoring which are usually about 5" long. A commercial bouncer comes with metal stakes over 12" long. This means more secure anchoring for your bouncer. The use of those metal stakes and a little common sense when it comes to weather will ensure that you will never have to see your bouncer soar into the skies on high winds. Another added benefit of the commercial bouncer is bouncing capacity. A residential bouncer can hold up to four small kids (ages 4-7) at once. A commercial bouncer can hold up to 8 kids depending on their size. Commercial bouncers offer a large entrance, a larger bouncing area, and more head clearance. All of which play a huge role in the overall safety of the bouncehouse.    
Overall, there are many factors to consider when buying a bouncehouse for yourself. Do you want to sacrifice safety for savings at the cash register or would you rather splurge the few extra bucks on a quality piece of equipment that has a warranty and consumer protections? Whatever type of bouncer you choose to buy be sure to check out all the safety features, material quality, and consumer protections the manufacturer has to offer before making your decision.   


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