Organizing a party can be tough. You would be surprised how much stress party invitations can take off of you during the planning process. Having a well crafted invitation can present you with vital information that is needed when buying supplies for your party. There is nothing worse than not having enough supplies for everyone at your party or having too much left over which translates into wasted dollars.
Did you know that if you choose to use a party rental company like Executive Events & Entertainment you may have access to free party invitations! Check out the invitations below and feel free to print them up and send them out. When printing party invitations, it is important to use a thin card stock paper. This will ensure that the invitation will look nice when printed and be a little more durable than a single sheet of printer paper.  The templates offered below are generic but feel free to download them and alter them as needed.  While you are at it, perhaps you may want to add a Bouncehouse or Popcorn Machine to your next party or event. 


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