Planning a party or event? Finding the right entertainment or fun activities can be a daunting task. Perhaps the most important factor when planning any event is time. Timing is key to ensuring that you have all the important party items like foods, entertainment, and a good venue. Each of these factors can literally make or break your party so diligence is absolutely necessary.

The Venue

 Having a good venue will ensure your party is a huge success. When choosing a venue keep in mind the amount of guests you intend on having and the operating hours of the venue. Having a party in the evening is great but you do not want your guests getting kicked out of the venue before the party even ends. Do research on each venue you are considering. Read the reviews and you can even check the better business bureau rating for the venues on your list. Having a  venue that looks good and provides excellent services will keep your guests talking about the party you threw long after it ends.  

The Foods

 The options are endless when it comes to food. Offering the right kind of food at your party can keep your guests fed and more importantly, continuing to enjoy the party. This is an area where a party rental company or your chosen venues can help you greatly. While it is more expensive using one of these options, it will save you time and stress on figuring out how you are going to provide food for your guests. A cheaper alternative is to offer handheld foods like popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, soft pretzels, or sno cones. These foods give your guests a little nourishment but do not fill them up so completely that they cannot participate in the activities you planned for the party. 

The Entertainment

Entertainment should be the least stressful part of planning your party. Call a local party rental company like us, (Executive Events & Entertainment) and tell them what kind of party you are having. In most cases the selling representative will know what items are perfect for your party's age range. Bouncehouses, Dunk Tanks, Carnival Games, or the Mechanical Bull are all perfect items for people of all ages. They will keep your guests entertained and wont break your wallet doing so.

The Wrap Up---Time Matters!!

Overall, more important than the venue, the food, & the entertainment us time! Make sure to plan your party at least 2 months ahead of time. Most rental companies are booked up especially during the warmer summer months so being proactive when scheduling your party will ensure that you have your choice of items. Planning ahead of time will also give you the added benefit of being able to save up for the event. You can book entertainment with a 50% deposit, so if you book 2 months ahead of the party, that gives you that time to save up the other 50% that way you don't break the bank when it's party time.  


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