Summer is here and it is getting hotter everyday. The ambient heat is always a concern when planning a party in the Summer months. Cool off your summertime party goers with one of our awesome water items. Grab a Dunk Tank, Big Kahuna, or Slip n Slide for your next party or event. Each item has a unique way to have fun with water. Your guests will be thanking you as they cool off and have loads of fun on our premium water entertainment items.

Slip n Slide

Slip n Slide Rental
The ultimate in water fun, the slip n slide is the only inflatable that combines inflate and water fun. This is an larger version of the classic backyard slip n slide game you may remember. Why go through the hassle of having a party at a public pool or waterpark? Bring all that fun to your backyard and with no stress at all. Companies like Executive Events & Entertainment (3E) will come and setup and if you would like, operate the slip n slide so you don't have to worry about the kids at all. This affords you the opportunity to actually enjoy the party you worked so hard to prepare for.

The Dunk Tank Rental

Dunk Tank Rental
     Dunk Tanks are a great item for any party or school event. Dunk your neighborhood rival or your school principal! The tank comes with a large viewing window so you can see the person as they get dunked. We even offer protective Red & White fencing to ensure a safe throwing area and to change the difficulty of the game. Better yet, Dunk Tanks are fun for all ages so everyone at the party can get involved not just the kids!

Alternative to Dunk Tank Rental

Big kahuna Rental
Looking for something a little smaller and more economical than a Dunk Tank? The Big Kahuna is a perfect alternative. The Kahuna is a reverse Dunk Tank where water is dumped on the participant instead of the participant being dunked. This a perfect water game for the littler ones. It also hooks to your garden hose and refills itself after every splash.

Anyway you choose to go with your summer party make sure you and your guests have fun. Planning fun activities can be stressful, how to keep all the kids occupied and out of trouble is the main concern. This summer try a stress free way and call a local party rental company that can provide you with some fun items for your party guests to enjoy.


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