Accountability is a hot topic when dealing with party rental companies. Our top priority is providing the consumer with a product that is amazing, affordable, and safe. When renting a bouncehouse accountability is of the utmost importance. Bouncer rental companies like Executive Events & Entertainment have to (by law) remain accountable to the state (department of agriculture). Each bouncer rental company must submit an itinerary and training log to the state for review before each and every rental. 

The Process

In Ohio, there is a set of laws that govern the use of Bouncers (on a commercial level). Those laws include:

1. Every Bouncer must be inspected and licensed by a state inspector once every year.

2. Every Bouncer (other inflates too!) must be insured with at least a 1 million dollar policy.

3. Do not operate in winds exceeding 15mph.

4. Riders must follow all the directions of the operator. Failure to do so constitutes a misdemeanor and the rider/ rider's parents can be fined.

What you Should look for

Licensing! All inflatable rental companies must have their pieces licensed and inspected by the state. At the end of this process each inflatable is assigned a license plate number. Much like on your car, the number is used to identify each specific piece. According to state law that bouncer company must have that licensed plate readily available to be seen upon request. Always Ask your bouncer company to show you their license plate number for the bouncehouse you are renting. If it has a number that means that it has passed all of the rigorous safety standards that state puts forth.
Training! Bouncer rental companies are required to keep training logs. This means that whenever you have a bouncer dropped off at your party, the bouncer company should take you aside and run a short training session so you are informed on the do' s and don'ts of bouncer operation. at the end of the training session you should be requested to verify and sign the training log for that inflatable. Training logs are important, the state needs to be able to verify that each and every operator has been trained. This relates back to accountability. Training is an important factor in keeping everyone safe inside the inflatable. If your bouncer company does not offer training or furnish a training log then do not use them! They lack the accountability needed to keep you and your guests safe.  
Cleanliness! Cleanliness to another important thing to look for in a bouncer company. Do not be afraid to ask how often your bouncer rental company cleans their inflates. You should look for a company that cleans their inflates after every use. This ensure that you are getting a sanitary product and something that will add some aesthetic appeal to your party. Nobody wants to allow their children to bounce in a dirty looking bouncehouse. Remember cleanliness is a factor that state looks at when inspecting inflates.    


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