Are you part of a charitable organization? Looking for donations can be a nightmare of a job. Whether it is the uncomfortable feeling that comes from asking or receiving, or the embarrassment of being turned down, no one likes to ask for money. There are several tips you can use when contacting a company to  try and wrest a charitable donation from them.


Companies usually do not just give money away. That would defeat the purpose of being in business.  The trick is to convince the company that giving money away will in fact bring them in more money or save them money. We suggest pooling your resources within your organization. Do you have any professionals like lawyers or accountants that would be willing to trade their services for a donation? This would provide a worthwhile service to the company without the risk of losing money.

Public Relations

    If you do not have any services to trade perhaps you can use the charity's social media and public reach to help boost the "PR" of the company you are trying to get to donate. A company may donate and ask to be featured in the event program as a donor. Offer sponsorships to the companies you are asking donations from. This gives the company a tangible resource they can measure..


Be sure to have the paperwork ready! Every legitimate company will ask you for a record of the donation for tax purposes. Have that paperwork ready to hand over when you ask for the donation. This will increase your chances of having the company donate more than you asked for. Companies want to help their local communities especially smaller companies like Executive Events & Entertainment. Check out the photos below to see some of the items we have donated to charities in the past.


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