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Planning a party or special event? Are you considering hiring some entertainment for your guests? Look no further, our guide to performance artists will give you everything you need to make the right decision when it comes to entertaining your guests.  Before making a decision it is important to figure out whether you want a stationary performer such as a stage show or would you prefer a roaming artist who will travel around the party and interact with the guests.

Stage Shows

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Stage shows are stationary performances and require a stage or cleared area in which to commence. Stage shows can include, Magicians, Clowns, Actors, Jugglers, Animal Performers and musicians. Each of these artists work better using stages due to the amount of room needed to adequately perform. This type of performance also gives you a captive audience. If you are fundraising, having a stage show is a good way to get all your guests into one area so you can make announcements or ask for donations. The stage show also makes donations a little easier to obtain. A guest will be more willing to donate to your cause if they feel like they are getting something in return...like an awesome stage show!

Roaming Performers

Roaming performers are perfect for large scale events. The artist will delve right into the crowds and interact with the party goers one on one. Artists that fit this need perfectly include, Balloon Twisters, Clowns, Face painters, & Magicians.  Having roaming performers will spread the fun around your entire event and keep your guests engaged. An added benefit to a roaming performer like a face painter or balloon twister is that they offer small mementos for your guests. Everyone loves balloon animals and painted faces! 

Be Picky

Don't be afraid to be picky regarding your performers. There are a million clowns, face painters, and magicians out there. It is your responsibility to ensure you are hiring a quality performer. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we use only the best and most highly rated performers like the Famous Flower Clown. Be sure to use an entertainer agency that has taken the time to sort through all the performers offered. We have spent years acquiring a list of performers that produce memorable and amazing shows every time they perform. Don't take our word for it. Do a little research and see what kind of performers the Cleveland area has to offer and you will see that we only contract the best performers Cleveland has to offer.

We are now offering the Dr. U.R. Awesome Amazing Bubble Show! The good doctor is currently the Guiness World Record holder for largest outdoor soap bubble! 



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