Social Media plays a large role in modern society. People are now able to stay connected via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and more. Social Media is important to businesses too! Businesses can use social media engines to promote their products or build a larger customer base. Here are Executive Events & Entertainment we use social media to keep our customers informed about new rental items and offer some photos from their event that they can download or share on their own perspective social media pages..

Update Your Customers!

 Keeping in touch with your customers or fan base on social media engines is key to keeping your business fresh and relevant. Use the engines to send out loyalty discounts or special promotions that will stimulate your existing customers to order again and may even generate some new ones. Posting often also shows that your business is continually active and keeping in contact with your customers. 

Build an Audience

Social Media posts are self optimizing. This means that google will automatically assign keywords to your post based upon it's content. This means that if your content is fresh and relevant then google will promote your posts for you. This will eventually lead to larger audiences and more new customers! Run special promotions that will lead your customers to your social media sites. Do not limit yourself! Sign up for as many social media engines as possible. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we use the big 3 along with a few others; Facebook, Google Plus, & LinkedIn. Remember there are thousands social media sites out on the web. It is up to your to sift through them and determine which ones will be beneficial for promoting your business.

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