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Have you ever noticed the sales tax on virtually all of you day to day transactions. From going to the gas station to buying a book online you will undoubtedly run across sales tax. Did you also know that services like Bouncer Rentals or carpet cleaning also charges sales tax? With taxes being charged to many of your transactions it is important to become tax savvy with regards to larger charges.  What do we mean by tax savvy? Read on to find out! 

Location, Location, Location!

What you may not be aware of is that sales tax changes depending on what county you are in. Sales taxes in Ohio can range from 5% to 9%. This means that you could potentially pay more for the same service depending on where your party is held. Plan to have your party within a county that charges low sales tax. it could even be as close as the next county over.


Another little known fact about renting a bouncer is the requirement for insurance. If you are holding your party in a city or metro park you are required to have the park labeled under the party rental companies insurance policy. Most rental companies will do this free of charge. Parties can be shut down by a park ranger if a certificate of insurance is not filed with the park offices. So overall, whether it be taxes or insurance with a little bit of ingenuity or tact you can save yourself quite a few dollars on your next party or event.


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