Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we try to make the party rental experience fast and stress free. The important part is to enjoy the party and not sweat the small stuff the day of the event. To help bolster this fun and stress free rental process we have produced a small article (below) that outline the 3 things you should consider before renting a bouncer. While this list is not all inclusive it will save you time when contacting a party rental company like 3E. Follow this checklist and you will already have most of the information that the rental company will ask you for. This makes it easy for the rental company to quote you and it makes it much less stressful for you knowing that all your bases have been covered. 


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All inflatables require power. Look around the area you intend to setup the bouncer. Is there an available electrical outlet? If so, is it a standard 110v independent circuit? If not, don't worry you can always rent a generator from the company your are getting the bouncer from. Each bouncer must be inflated by an air blowing machine (commonly referred to as a "Blower") and the blower must stay on throughout the duration of the use of the bouncer. Some larger inflatables require more than one blower this means you will need more than one outlet. Be sure to check all the available power before calling the rental company and do not be afraid to ask for a generator with your order. In some cases like at 3E you will not be charged for the gas to fill the generator! 


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Spacing is key. Having enough room for your food items, entertainment and, of course, the guests is an integral part of a successful party. Be sure to check with your rental company for the dimensions on any piece of equipment you are planning on renting. It never hurts to over-estimate your space needs. Having too much space as opposed to too little is not necessarily a bad thing. With bouncers for instance, including a little extra space in front of the inflate will allow room for a line of people to form. It is much easier and safer for the kids to enter and exit the bouncer if there is additional room in front. 

The Kids

Inflatable Amusement Rental
The most important thing to consider is the kids. What size are they? What is the average age of the kids? How many girls are there as opposed to boys? The answers to these questions will help you determine what type of inflatable amusement rental is appropriate for your party. Remember there are also obstacle courses, giant slides, mechanical bulls & surfboards and a whole host of other inflatables out there. The sky is the limit when planning fun for your party so go all out and hold nothing back. Inflatables were made for everyone to have fun on!



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