Recently we have come across a few apps that we find can be super helpful in planning any party. Planning a party can be difficult and with all the factors to consider from food to entertainment it would be nice to have something that organizes all that information for you. Good news, here at Executive Events & Entertainment, we sent our cronies out onto the web and found some awesome party planning apps. Check out the following apps and who knows, perhaps one will help you plan your next party or event. Also, all these apps can be found in the Android and Apple App stores. 

Pro Party Planner

Perhaps one of the more complete party planner apps; Party Planner Pro will allow you to enter in all the details from the amount of guests to the floor space of the room you are throwing the party in. This app will calculate how much food you will need and will even offer suggestions on how you can save money in different areas of the party like food and venue selection. Party Planner Pro even has a holiday section which will help you plan gift giving, thanksgiving dinner, and new years intoxicant acquisition.  Check out the video below.


It is nearly impossible to have busy people step up and help, get your party started even if they’re your friends. The PitchIn app makes it easy to split up and delegate tasks.  You’re notified when someone accepts a task and also when the task is completed. If you’re planning an event for which you aren’t footing the bill, PitchIn will send automatic payment reminders to guests! This app really makes setting up your own party fast, easy, and a little less stressful.
For the sake of ease we will stop our list of party planning apps there. We urge you to check out all of the available apps on your app purchasing platform. Who knows, perhaps there will be a party planning app from 3E in the future. In any sense, having an electronic application that helps keeps all your party information in one place is a priceless tool. Watch the videos and see how these apps can alleviate some stress when you plan your next party or event. Or, you can give us a call and we will bring the party to you with some of our awesome Bouncers, Carnival Games, Photobooths, or Mechanical Bull Rental


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