Summer may be winding down but that does not mean the party has to to stop. Here at 3E we try to provide items that keep the party going well into the winter months. This article highlights a few of those items and how they can bring a little pizzazz to your next party or event. So if your birthday is in the winter months do not worry we have plenty of awesome party items to bring.


Put on a big smile and Say Cheese! Our custom photobooth captures lasting memories of your party. Fully touchscreen operated and themed to your event.  Customize the photostrip with your colors, logo, or both. Now offering multiple effects including Comic Strip & Pop Art. Check out the gallery below to see the various effects our photobooth system offers. We are currently offering the most advanced and easy to use photobooth software available.

Arcade Games

Recreate a classic arcade at your party with our awesome arcade style games. We have everything from Air Hockey and Fooseball to Darts and Billiards. Perfect for any indoor party. Turn your party room into a literal arcade. We even have an arcade sized skeeball machine! Check out all of our arcade style gaming options HERE. Overall, we hope that you now see that the winter is no excuse to let your party mood get dampened. With all the options we offer, you can party all year round! 



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