Everyone loves the mechanical bull. Whether you are watching or riding, the bull will give you an experience you will not forget. Did you know that there are different versions of the mechanical bull ride? You can now catch some waves with our mechanical surfboard. So whether you are throwing a western or tropical themed these rides will fit your theme not matter what.

The Mechanical Bull

Yeehaw partners! Saddle up and take on the mechanical bull. With multiple difficulty settings and a realistic looking bull you will have hours of fun trying to see who can last the longest. The best part of it all is that the bull can go indoors or out. We even offer a tent to put over the inflatable so not even inclement weather can wreck your bull riding experience. So call today and see if you can tame the bull!

The Mechanical Surfboard

Looking for something a little less intense than the bull? Look no further then our mechanical surfboard. Perfect for all ages, this ride can be used by adults and toddlers alike. The surfboard can be either tropical or snow themed. Meaning you can either ride the waves and cut through the snow on this awesome inflatable. Just let us know your theme and we will customize the ride for your party. The surfboard is also smaller than the mechanical bull so it is more versatile in terms of spacing.

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