Cleveland Photobooth Rental
No party is complete without a photographic memento for the guests to take home. The question arises, what kind of photo gift will you offer? There are two main kinds of Photobooths; the Photobooth and the Photo Station. You may be asking, "what's the difference?". Check out the following article for the pros and cons of both types of photo gifts and how you can use them to generate more buzz about your party.

The Photobooth

    A Photobooth is a self standing machine that usually has a privacy curtain.  The first commercial photobooth was made by Anatol Josepho in New York City. For 25 cents a citizen in 1920s New York can enter Josepho's private booth and take quality photos on an 8 x 8 strip. The photo developed and printed right inside the booth. Josepho's design was later replaced by the 900lb behemoth from the Auto-Photo company. Since Josepho Photobooths have gained in popularity and can now be seen at many weddings, bar mitzvahs and other celebratory events across the world.  


  • Privacy
  • Simple User Interface
  • time tested methods of printing
  • Uses an actual camera


  • Small camera frame
  • prints only in strips
  • Bulky & Heavy (up to 900lbs)
  • Cannot be used Outdoors!
  • Print time is up to 2 minutes

The Photo Station

Recent developments in computer technology have allowed for vast leaps in the area of photobooth technology. We no longer can simply refer to them as just booths. Now there are many more options when taking a photo that it would be more accurate to refer to them as Photo Stations. A standard photobooth now consists of a collapsible, lightweight, and completely private booth made from either pipe and drapes or a small custom made tent. The real camera has been replaced by a webcam and HD printer. Another added feature is the use of a computer interface that changes the effect on the photo. There are many more options now than just plain color or black & white. For a few extra bucks you can even have a green screen where you can put your own background in the photo. Have your guests taking their pictures in front of the eiffel tower or standing at the feet of the great sphinx.


  • Lightweight (200lbs total)
  • Full HD Camera
  • Simple User Interface
  • Quick Printing (about 15 seconds)
  • Multiple Effects: Pop Art, Sepia, Color, Etc..
  • Customizable Background


  • More Setup Required
  • Requires more cording
  • Requires more electricity to operate
  • Printer and Booth are Separate Units.

Our Photobooth

Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we incorporate the best of both worlds. We use the Photobooth style leaving all the privacy the customer requires with the photo station which allows for multiple photo effects and custom backgrounds. We use this setup because it keeps printing times quick and it give the photobooth user all the options available. We even have social media uploads so you can share your photos on your favorite social media engine directly from the booth! We even include a whole box of wacky props for your guests to enjoy. So if you are looking for a Photobooth Rental in Cleveland. Look No Further! Call Executive Events & Entertainment and get the best booth around.



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