Planning a party for kids can be tough. Children nowadays are not satisfied with a simple party laden with cake and presents, they want something more. They want themes!  Planning a themed party is not easy. You have to consider the likes and dislikes of the party attendees. You want to choose a theme that will be inviting to all the kids at the party not just a select few. Planned appropriately, a themed party can transport your guests into an entirely different world full of wonderment! How do you achieve this effect? Follow our Checklist to planning an awesome themed party.

Themed Party Checklist

  • The Theme: Choose a theme that best fits the crowd attending the party.
  • Simplicity: Keep the theme simple. No one should have to ask what the theme of your party is.
  • Props: Props are very important. They can set the tone for your party and are the main component that conveys your theme to the guests. Incorporate props where you can. A few good places to place props are the food tables, dining tables, corners of the party room, party room entrance, and on the stage (if one is available.) Props can be anything from furniture to unique serving dishes.
  • Party Favors: Nothing helps bolster a theme more than party favors. Party favors can be anything from candy & toys to gadgets & literature.
  • Maintain the Theme: This is perhaps the most important part of planning a themed party. Keep the theme consistent across all areas of the party from the party favors & fun activities (like Themed Bouncer Rentals like those featured above) all the way down to the food.


Is the magnitude of your party overwhelming your attempts at planning? Do not worry there is help. There are three kinds of rental all of which have different ways of planning parties and charging for their services. Check out the list below to see the advantages and disadvantages of the different rental companies.
  • Party Rental Companies: These are companies which offer various fun activities and party supplies. The fun activities usually include carnival games, inflatables, and digital gaming. You have to be careful which party rental company you choose. Many of them are just rental companies which offer a list of items which they will drop off at your party and that is it. They key to using a party rental company is to find one that provides free party planning services. Places like Executive Events & Entertainment (shameless promotion) will take your event details/needs and discuss what they can do to achieve the level of "party"  you want. The most important and perhaps most pertinent point worth mention is that party rental companies own the equipment they are bringing to you. This means that they can keep the cost to you very low.
  • Party Planning Companies: Party planners are in a category all their own. They can be the most stress free way of throwing a party because they will try and take care of as much of the details as possible for you. They will book entertainment, foods, and party props. Some party planners will even help decorate for the party! The advantage to a party planner is that they have exposure to a multitude of themes so their expertise can help you expand on yours. The major disadvantage to using a party planner is the cost. Many party planning services do not own the items they offer. Instead they use a network of companies which provide the items to the planner or deliver them directly to the party. This translates into more cost for you. Since the planner is being charged by the party rental company, the planner has to inflate their prices slightly in order to turn a profit off of the party. While you cannot blame the party planner for this (this is just how the industry works, not everyone has space to store a bunch of props and bouncehouses) it does end up raising the cost of your party.   

Ultimately, The Choice is Yours!



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