Exciting news! Recently a professor at Kent State University has done reserach regarding how we can use inflatable structures more effectively within urban environments. We have all seen kids having fun in inflatable bouncers but how can those bouncers be used to benefit our society as a whole? Check out the following article so find our how! 

Diane Davis Sikora is  a professor of architecture at Kent State Universities' School of Architecture & Design. She traveled throughout Europe on a 22 day long tour examining how European country uses inflatables for public works projects like urban farms and temporary structures. She debuted her findings in documentary format at the 2013 Rotterdam Film Festival. Her 12 minute video showed that we can effectively curb homelessness and starvation in the United States by setting up inflatable urban farms in vacant lots left by old businesses and closed churches. A link to the article and a  summary of her findings in her own words can be found below. Be sure to support local sustainability programs especially the ones using inflatables and while you are at it why don't you rent a Bouncer for your next party or event?  

“My interests in storytelling include sequential art as well as film-making and for me the benefits of comic book narrative techniques are that they can start to represent a dynamic way to talk about space and to represent space, It’s conceived of as a stabilization strategy for the neighborhood. Through the use of narrative art, the work is also trying to get at the various ways in which the programming of this repurposing can have and to talk about the future scenarios of use.”

Check out the full article HERE



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