We are happy to announce the acquisition of two new party rental items. The first being a game that has been sweeping across backyards and college campuses all over the USA. Kan Jams is an awesome new Frisbee game. The goal of the game is to try and send your Frisbee into their can. This is a competitive game great for all ages. We even offer multiple sets so you can run your own Kan Jam tournaments. Check out the link below for a complete guide on how to play.

Kan Jam Rules HERE

Another recent addition to our repertoire of fun is our mobile Laser Tag Arena. With inflatable obstacles and ultra precise laser guns your guests will be battling for hours. Our Arena is fully customizable so you can create your own laser tag experience and customize it to fit your backyard or indoor party space. You can even run laser tag tournaments and hand out prizes to the victors! Call and book yours today.



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