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How do you know when you are getting a good deal when it comes to bouncers? There are several things you can look for to ensure that the company you are using is giving you the biggest bang for your buck. Check out the list below for some nifty tips and tricks so that the next time you want to rent any inflatable amusement, you can make the mos informed choice possible. 


Cleanliness is a big issue. Nobody wants to bounce in a dirty bouncer. Dirt is not the only issue, certain communicable diseases can travel with the bouncer. Diseases like Swine Flu, Influenza, the Common Cold, Ring-worm, and a whole host of other contact illnesses. Make sure your bouncer company is using a high grade disinfectant. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we clean our bouncers after every single use. Once a bouncehouse comes back into our warehouse we spray the entire unit with "Spray Nine", a high powered disinfectant that kills over 20 of the most common infectious illnesses.  


It is our experience that injuries are easily avoidable when all the rules of the bouncer are followed. Although the risk of injury can be greatly minimized there are still accidents that happen. When this does happen it is important to know that your bouncer rental company has the proper insurance.  Insurance is needed to cover the high cost of the hospital visit even if the injury is minor. Remember in Ohio it is a legal requirement to have liability insurance for bouncers. So if your bouncer company cannot give you the details of their insurance policy, do not use them! It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to hospital bills and insurance.

Commercial Grade

So many of the injuries reported in the news over recent years has been the result in the popularization of the "at home" bouncer. Companies like Walmart, Sam's Club, and others sell smaller backyard versions of the bouncers you rent. These smaller "cheaper" bouncers must be avoided at all costs. Firstly, they are not made from commercial grade vinyl. This means they are lighter in weight and much less durable. Second, the anchoring devices that come with the personal bouncer are not adequate. 6" plastic stakes are not going to hold a bouncer down in high winds. Any bouncer like those we offer must be anchored using 12" metal stakes. This ensured proper anchoring  in the event of high winds but also prevents the anchoring from being pulled out during the bouncing process. So long story short, use a commercial grade bouncer!   

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