Fall time is clam time! All throughout the eastern half of the United States, September through November is Clam Bake season! Actually Clam Bake is a misnomer since most of the clams being eaten now are steamed. Grocery stores everywhere are stocking their shelves with delicious clams and clam accessories. You may be asking, why should I buy a whole clam steamer just to enjoy a couple clams? Or, I have a huge clam bake but not a huge clam bake pot, what do I do? Well, look no further! Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we have all your clam bake needs. Call today and get your clam bake package complete with steamer, basket, and propane! So, call and reserve your clam bake package today and we will throw in a corn toss game rental for free!  So, call today or check out some cool clam bake videos below.



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