When renting an inflatable you may ask yourself, is there anything else to keep the kids not in the bouncer busy? Well, there is! Here are a few ideas featuring some of the awesome carnival and other items that you can throw onto your order for very little extra money. Carnival Games, Fun Foods, and some smaller inflates are perfect as add on items.  Check out the list below and browse our site for all the extra party options.


Keep your guests busy by offering some awesome fun food. Fun food like popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones, funnel cakes, soft pretzels, and more, gives your guests something to eat as well as keeping pressure off of the bouncer. Essentially the goal is to have your guests spread out throughout your party and interact. Fun foods provide a perfect opportunity mingling.  Check out our complete but not exhaustive list of fun foods here.

Carnival Games

Games are another way to get guests interacting. Bakcyard games like cornhole or horseshoes stimulates interaction by the conduction of a team themed game. Carnival games also have the added benefit of being usable to the adults. Some adults do not want to ride on bouncers and other inflatables so providing them with some carnival games will keep them included. Plan your party so that everyone will have fun!

Inflatable Games

Maybe another type of inflatable might get your guests moving. Try our inflatable twister. Everyone loves that classic game of acrobatic acumen. Get yours guests excited, you can even offer a prize for the last person standing. Be sure to check out all of our inflatable gaming options. This item is perfect for kids and adults.



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