Fall is the time for harvest festivals. Did you know that Ohio is one of the states with the most fall time festivals. Is it the beautiful fall foliage or is it the general pleasant demeanor that all Ohioans? Ohio has everything from Halloween themed festivals like Ghoulardi (Cleveland, OH) Fest to celebrations like the Apple Butter Churnin Fest (Coshocton, OH). Although winter is fast approaching do not worry, Ohio offers festivals all winter long! Check out the following website for information on all Ohio festivals for 2014-2015.     

Click HERE for Festival List

Plan Your Own Festival

Don't feel like going through the hassle of packing the family into the car and finding a fall festival? Why not plan your own. Here at Executive Events & Entertainment we offer an entire array of items which could be used to construct a memorable fall festival. Who not make it a fall time block party (that way you can share the cost with your neighbors). We can bring you everything from carnival games to bouncers. So call today and see what kind of fun we can bring you! Check out the slideshow below for some of our awesome party items. Remember, this is not everything we offer so take a look around our site and see what catches your eye. Click HERE for our homepage.


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