Whether your party won or lost during this year's midterm elections; we would like to show you some of the monumental milestones that have been achieved as a result of the elections. Elections can be an emotional issue so it is important at times to be reminded of the silver lining that comes along with any situation. Check out the following article to see some of the historic moments from this midterm election! Remember, if the election results bum you out too much, you can always grab a Bouncer or Photobooth Rental to make yourself feel better. 

First African American Senator

South Carolina made history this year by electing the first African American senator in the south since the post civil war reconstruction. This is a bit of a misnomer. Technically Tim Scott has been senator for South Carolina since 2013 when he was named to fill the seat left vacant by Jim DeMint. What is important to remember is that Scott ran for re-election this year and won. So congratulations Mr. Scott!
Tim Scott

More Women than Ever!

This election saw the most women elected into public office ever! The number are not out yet but women swept the vote and established a voice in congress. Although it is now a Republican congress there are more women represented than there has ever been before in the United States. Oddly enough this comes at a time when reproductive laws are tightening and the rights set up by the women's suffrage movement are threatened.  

Youngest Women Elected

This year saw the election of the youngest women (to date) to congress. Elise Stefanik was elected to congress as a representative from the state of New York. When asked to comment on her victor Stefanik states, "I was hoping that my youth would act as a boon to draw in the younger voters." Stefanik was just one of the many republicans that swept the congressional election this year. It will certainly be interested to see which direction this new congress heads in.  

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