Summer may be over but that does not mean that the fun is. The holidays are fast approaching and shopping will soon take place. How about avoiding the crowds this year and buy the perfect gift, a bouncer rental or a custom life sized game. Call today, and with your purchase or reservation, you will receive a special certificate you can give out as a gift during the holidays. It does not stop there you can put a reservation on any of our equipment as part of your gift to someone special. What's even more amazing is that if you do not want to wait for nicer weather and you have a a large garage, we now offer low profile bouncers which fit easily into most indoor areas. Call today and get your rental certificate today!  

Why not a Life Sized Game?

Looking for something a little more permanent than a bouncer rental certificate? Why not grab your own life sized game. We offer everything from Operation to Jenga. These are high quality, handmade games, so if you would like to give someone special a gift that shows love, dedication, and craftsmanship look not further than here. Call today and let us show you all the options available for our life sized games. You can even customize your game with your logo and a personal message.



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