Hey everyone, Here at 3E we are excited to announce that December is our licensing month. We are going to have all of our inflates including Bouncers, Obstacle Courses, Slides and More, licensed by the department of agriculture (Ohio). This event happens every year but since there is a preponderance of companies operating without licensing in our state we decided to announce it this year to reassure you, our customers, that we are doing everything we can to remain a reliable and quality source of fun. So you may be asking, "What's the big deal with having a bouncehouse licensed?" The answer to this question is simple. Licensing is a process which insures that each inflatable whether it be a bouncer or giant slide is inspected and meets all of the quality standards expected including but not limited to, cleanliness, that the inflate is free of tears or rips, and that the blower is in good operating condition. Licensing is key in keeping our customers happy and our product quality high. So check out the inflates below and know that you can rent our equipment without a worry, well except for having fun that is!   



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